CALL OUT: 418 Titan, Castleton

25th JulyShortly after midnight last night the team’s duty controller received a call from Derbyshire Constabulary with the information two experienced cavers were overdue on a trip into Titan, near Castleton. The first team member on scene found the pair safe and well at the bottom of the entrance shaft. Unfortunately as a separate party of cavers had derigged their rope earlier in the day it had unknowingly snagged the pairs rope and left it 30 metres up the 45 metre shaft! Definitely out of reach!Once our team member had freed the rope the two made their way out under their own steam and were in good spirits after their 5 hour trip accidentally turned in to a 12 hour one!DCRO are always happy to help, whatever time of night – as you can see from the photo of a happy team member!

CallOut 417: Thors Cave

Sunday the 28th JuneDerbyshire Cave Rescue had a sense of deju-vu today when we were called out to two people who had become stuck whilst trying to descend from Thor’s cave. This was remarkably similar to our callout of the 30th May and in both cases our team of volunteers were pleased they could assist with a positive outcome for both those trapped. Once again the team was happy to work alongside Derby Mountain Rescue Team, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue , the police, ambulance personnel and a HART paramedics team.

Call Out 416: Giants Hole

Tuesday 23rd JuneThe team were called out by Derbyshire Police to a cave in the Castleton area. It was reported an injured person was unable to exit the cave on their own.Our team of volunteers quickly mobilised and got underground to safely assess the casualty. Despite taking a nasty fall she had only sustained minor injuries, and once hauled up a pitch by DCRO was able to make her way out with some assistance. This was the first underground rescue using the new COVID-19 PPE protocols

Call Out 415: Milstone Edge

We were asked to support our colleagues in Edale Mountain Rescue Team on Saturday in freeing a stuck climber, adding our engineering experience and equipment to the mix so we could quickly enact EdaleMRTs ‘Plan B’. With our team members and equipment mere minutes away Edale team members succeeded with ‘Plan A’ and our volunteers were stood down.

Call Out 414: Thors Cave

The team was called out to an incident at Thor’s cave in the Manifold Valley.A couple had attempted to descend from Thor’s cave to the river however having got some way down they realised their path was too steep and loose to descend but also too tricky to return up. A team of 8 cave rescue volunteers attended along with Derby Mountain Rescue Team and used ropes and harnesses to lower both people down to the path. Also in attendance were Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and a Hazardous area response team. Fun Fact: Thors Cave features as the cover artwork of The Verves’ first album

Call Out 413: Stoney Middleton Dog Rescue

The team were called at 3pm to an incident involving 5 dogs who had descended a 5 metre deep mine shaft without the proper equipment to get themselves back to the surface. A small team responded along with our Team Vet to assess the situation, using our specialist rescue equipment we were able to safely access the old mine shaft and swiftly return all 5 dogs to their owners

CALL OUT 412: Large/Rift Pot

Early on Sunday 12th we were asked to assist the Cave Rescue Organisation with an on going search in the Yorkshire Dales for a group of cavers missing on a through trip the day before. Due to the nature of the cave in question several of our ‘smaller’ volunteers were dispatched to assist. CRO had already been searching through the night but this had to be abandoned due to the amount of water around 5AM, Searching resumed a few hours later The missing cavers were found and brought safely back to the surface.

CALL OUT 411 – Titan, Castleton

Companions of 2 cavers on a ‘Down and Up’ Titan trip became concerned when they didn’t meet their agreed call out time. Team members were called out at 19:55 Saturday 14th December , the first members underground found two cavers sheltering at the foot of the Titan shaft, where one caver, suffering from cold, tiredness and feeling ill could not negotiate the large pitch due to excessive water. His companion chose to wait with him and once DCRO members arrived was able to prussic out under his own steam, accompanied by a team member. The casualty was placed in a portable shelter and treated by our team doctor whilst simultaneously a haul system was been set up to transfer the stranded caver to the surface consisting of a UK record breaking single haul the full height of the Titan Shaft to the breakthrough window – 128 meters followed by the 46 meters entrance shaft. The casualty reached the surface at 1:30 am Sunday morning. All our team members then exited the cave packed up our equipment packed and began heading home by 3:00 am We would like to add a note of thanks to the cavers companions for sticking around on a stormy night providing any logistical support we may have needed until sufficient team members arrived ( later returning with Biscuits! ) and Tony Seddon who offered us access to any equipment we may have needed from the Starless River mobile caving shop

Standby 410: Maskhill Mine

A group were reported overdue after not returning to the surface by the agreed call out time. The team were put on standby while a team member made his way to the entrance to check details.The cavers were making there way out when the the team member arrived and the team were stood down.

Call out 409: P8

We were called out to an overdue party at P8, near Castleton. A team leader had checked the cavers cars were present but they had not surfaced so the team were mobilised using SARCall. Around 10 minutes later the overdue cavers reached the surface and the team were stood down.