Specialist Rescue Equipment

Even though an expierienced caver can do a lot to effect a rescue with just two slings, a carabiner and some spare rope the DCRO have a wide array of equipment we have built up that make our vital rescue work Safer, Quicker, Easier and more Effective. From the Adrenaline in our medical kits to the Z-rigs we use for hauling every has been either donated, bought using money from donations by the public like you. Heres a quick look at some of the equipment we use.

The Van

Our rescue vehicle (it’s too good just to be called a van really!) is divided into three compartments each with its own access. A three seater cab at the front, a control/communications area behind that and then an equipment storage area at the rear. A removable panel between the control and equipment areas enable the combined space to be used to treat (and transport) a casualty in a stretcher. The control area can also be extended by opening out a custom fitted Vanex awning/room to provide a sheltered area for briefings, sorting gear, brewing up etc.

Other adaptions include a full roof rack, a hydraulic radio aerial, roller shutter rear doors, both 240 volt and 12 volt electrical systems (with lots of sockets) run off two batteries and a generator, all round flood lighting, warning lights and horns, improved interior lighting, heating and ventilation, a PA system, comprehensive storage racks, cupboards and drawers for equipment and supplies and last but not least – a very smart paint job and livery.


Our unique environment requires special stretchers that you wont see in the back of your everyday ambulance, Confined space stretchers are designed to be compact and fold around the casualty allowing us to push, pull, carry and even haul up vertical pitches only marginally wider than the casualty.

Our primary stretchers are the Slix 100 and the Slix 50, the 100 is a full length with spinal board whilst the 50 is a split design with spinal board for use when we need to maintain some dexterity to bend around corners


Other Equipment

We have a massive array of other specialist equipment that will be added here as time allows such as our Nicola through the rock radios.