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Become a Team Member

If you are an active caver in the Derbyshire area why are you not already a member? we are made up of Club and Individual cavers from across the counties we cover so there is a good chance you already know a team member. Our eligibility criteria for probationary membership for an Underground Rescue Role is very simple:

  • Competent with personal progression using SRT
  • Physically fit enough to tackle most of Derbyshire’s cave and mine systems
  • Have a genuine interest in becoming part of the team

If you know one of our core team members who can vouch for your caving abilities, great! you can fill in your application form straight away. if you don’t then you would be required to attend a trip with some team members so we can make sure you are safe and competent.

The Training Process

Completed application forms for membership received by the Membership Secretary are referred to a committee for consideration. Successful individual applicants become probationary members, who currently are expected to attend an induction course and undergo a set of specific training within a minimum 12 month and maximum 24 month period before becoming eligible for consideration for Full Membership.

Full Members who attend a (current) minimum of four recognized training sessions in a year and have attended an Induction / Refresher Course are considered to be Core Team members likely to be given priority call out to an incident.

Surface team members are still encouraged to attend training sessions relevant to underground roles to maintain knowledge of how the whole team operates and how best to support any ongoing underground efforts, although we don’t expect them to go underground unless they want to!

Once elected as a Full Member continued membership depends on an individual satisfying the current requirements necessary to demonstrate a continuing commitment to the Organisation.

Individual Full Members are entitled to one vote at a General Meeting and clubs etc. are entitled to two votes.

Application Forms


To be completed by the applicant.


To be completed by the applicants sponsoring team member or a Controller/Leader

Before completing and sending these forms, please note that applicants wishing to join the Team must either provide the name of an existing DCRO Core Team member who can vouch for their caving ability and ask them to complete the sponsor form for you to send together with your application, or arrange for a trip with some DCRO Core Team members who can then vouch for their caving ability. DCRO insists that every application must be supported by a Sponsoring member of the Core Team, in addition our obligations for Governance as a Charity require us to take into consideration any information we might receive from relevant sources. If you need to arrange a trip contact the membership secretary , we have team members out caving most days.