CALL OUT 441: Giants Hole

A group of cavers were reported as overdue at approximately 6pm on Thursday 29th December – they had been undertaking the classic round trip at Giant’s Hole close to Castleton and had started their trip at 11am. 

System Nicola 3 Surface to Underground Communications

Arriving on the scene, a group of rescuers were sent underground to search the round trip and communications were set up underground and above ground to allow the passage of information between the underground teams and the control team. A further team of rescuers entered the cave to rig up Garland’s Pot, and another sent to a nearby cave to ensure that the missing cavers had not decided to extend their day’s adventures.

The missing cavers were discovered at approximately 9pm and were well, but very cold. They were assessed by the team doctors and were led to Garland’s Pot by the rescuers, where they were hauled up, warmed up with hot drinks and walked to surface by 11:48pm. 

Rescuers exit Giants Hole with the Walking Casualties

We sincerely hope that this adventure will not dissuade the party from future caving.