CALL OUT: 439 Peak Cavern

the team were alerted to a potential missing caver in Peak Cavern. The suspected missing caver had decided to head out early while his friends carried on with their trip to Moss Chamber. Upon the group’s exit they realised he had not signed out. DCRO volunteers set about searching the main routes around the area he had last been seen with multiple search team and quickly located the missing caver who had taken a wrong turn.

CALL OUT:438 Castleton Area

The team were contacted by Edale Mountain Rescue Team to assist with a sheep that had managed to ‘escape’ into a small fenced enclosure around a small collapsed mine shaft. A vehicle with equipment was deployed to meet team members local to the area but when it arrived the sheep had already been returned to the surface by the team members on site along side the Farmer, using Edales’ equipment and the fence had already been repaired. efficient indeed.

CALL OUT:437 Blue John Cavern

Shortly before 12 pm the team were tasked, along side WMAS with assisting a member of the public who had collapsed while starting to exit Blue John Cavern show cave. Our team members were 1st on scene including a team doctor to carry out initial treatment and rig the steep stairway ready for extraction with paramedics arriving soon after. the casualty was evacuated to the waiting ambulance for further treatment in hospital and the team stood down at 15:45. We also borrowed a Buxton MRT member for this shout.

Stand By 436: Pindale

We were contacted by a concerned friend when two experienced cavers were becoming overdue from a dig site. Just as we had loaded the engineering kit on board and seconds before we were about to initiate a full team callout we received word the cavers had returned safely to the surface.

CALL OUT 435: Lamb Rescue, P8

The team were called out to extract a lamb in the bottom of the P8 Sinkhole.A local caving instructor noticed the lamb on the way back from his trip, it didn’t take long for a small team to assemble, descend the hole with our animal kit and recue the lamb back into the beautiful Derbyshire sunshine seemingly non the worse for its misadventure

CALL OUT 434: Shouts for Help – Tideswell

The team were called around 9:30 on the 8th of April, 2023, to reports of ‘Shouts for Help’ around an area of old mine shafts near Tideswell. The shouts were reported to the police by a local walking group, one of our controllers, who was nearby went to investigate, finding no apparent sign of persons in distress and another witness near the scene reporting that they thought it was some calling a dog the shout incident was passed back to the police for a possible surface search by Mountain Rescue A false call with good intent

CALL OUT 430 Lamb Rescue near Eldon Quarry

The team were called into action to rescue a Lamb from a newly opened 8 metre deep hole on farmland near Eldon quarry. Our Gas metres indicated oxygen levels were too low to permit a team member to access the hole safely so in true MaGyver style a remotely operated noose system was created from our standard animal rescue kit to enable to lamp to be pulled to safety.