Rescuing People and Animals since 1952, the DCRO is one of 15 voluntary rescue teams covering the UK. OurĀ PATCH covers a large area from Manchester, all the way down to Norfolk in the south though most of our call-outs happen in the peak district.

We rely 100% on Volunteers and Donations to be able to operate at a high level, in some of the most challenging environments on earth that cavers like to call our playground.

How To Call Out Cave Rescue in the UK

If you need to call out a cave rescue team in the UK, Dial 999, Ask for the Police, then Cave Rescue. They will need your location, the cave location and your contact number, this is so the Cave Rescue Team in your area can call you direct for information about the nature of the Call Out.

Useful information to have written down;

If an accident…

What happened?
Where underground did it happen?
When did it happen?
How many are injured?
What are the known injuries?
When did they go underground?
How many are still underground?

If missing or overdue…

Where did they plan to visit?
When did they go underground?
When should they have come out?
How many are in the party?
What route did they take?
What cars that should be there?
Contact numbers of the Party?

Remember to save your Battery if you are on a mobile, More information on the Call out process is on the Call Out Procedures page.

The BCRC have produced the folowing handy card you can print out and take with you