Saturday/Sunday 15/16 April 2017 Three cavers, two men and a woman from Matlock and Huddersfield, had gone underground about 10:30am and the police were contacted when they had not resurfaced by late afternoon. Two of the overdue party, a 70 year old man and a 26 year old woman were found quite quickly and were escorted safely from the cave unharmed. They had lost contact with the third member of the party, a very experienced local caver in his sixties, at about 11:30am when he had left them to explore another part of the system. Jugholes is a very complex maze of passages on more than one level and it was not until 3:00am on Sunday morning that he was found safe but hungry and conducted out to the surface. A search of the area around the cave entrance had also been carried out by team members during the night aided by a mountain rescue search dog in case the missing man had surfaced and become lost on the hillside in the dark.


Saturday/Sunday 22/23 October 2016 The team were called out at 4:30pm to reports of a caver (m) who had been hit by a falling rock whilst climbing the 80m deep Leviathan pitch in JH, near Castleton. He had suffered head injuries but impressively he was able to complete the climb to the top of the pitch under his own steam. His companion continued to the surface to call DCRO. When the team arrived first aid was administered, the casualty was wrapped against the cold and put in a stretcher. The team then lowered him down the remaining pitches and through boulder constrictions. Here a further team of twenty volunteers supported by Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team paramedics were waiting to take him out to the surface along over a kilometre of partly flooded cave and mine passages. The surface was reached after an 8 hour rescue involving over 50 cavers.


Wednesday 31 August 2016 One member of a party of two cavers returning from a Round Trip was too tired to be able to climb Garlands Pot and her companion was unable to offer sufficient help to get her up without further assistance. DCRO turned out and a small team successfully hauled her up the pitch and escorted her to the surface. She was unharmed but very tired and cold.


Saturday/Sunday 6-7 August 2016 A party of four experienced cavers were reported overdue on a trip to Calcite Aven via JH. A DCRO team was called out and contact was quickly made with the party who reached the foot of the entrance shaft shortly after DCRO members began arriving on site. The party were tired but unharmed and the team stood by until they were all safely on the surface.


Friday 13 November 2015 An elderly tourist had got into difficulty on the steps. DCRO was called to assist by PDMRO. Team was mobilised and the first to get to the Cavern along with members of BMRT and EMRT found that the ambulance crew had already got the casualty to the surface. He had only been halfway down the first steps apparently.