CALL OUT: 419 Titan, Castleton

25th July
Shortly after midnight last night the team’s duty controller received a call from Derbyshire Constabulary with the information two experienced cavers were overdue on a trip into Titan, near Castleton. The first team member on scene found the pair safe and well at the bottom of the entrance shaft. Unfortunately as a separate party of cavers had derigged their rope earlier in the day it had unknowingly snagged the pairs rope and left it 30 metres up the 45 metre shaft! Definitely out of reach!
Once our team member had freed the rope the two made their way out under their own steam and were in good spirits after their 5 hour trip accidentally turned in to a 12 hour one!
DCRO are always happy to help, whatever time of night – as you can see from the photo of a happy team member!

Cave Rescuer