Call Out: 423 Giants Hole

CALL OUT: Giants HoleWe were called around 10PM, 8th December, by Buxton Mountain Rescue Team asking us to take over a shout they had started to respond to.Initial information indicated a group was in need of assistance near to Giants Hole but it soon became clear after they talked to the informant that a party of 4 were trapped below Garlands Pot, one member probably suffering from extreme hypothermia.

When we arrived on scene a small team from BMRT had managed to pass some equipment down to the stranded party, including a CasBag so they could start self treatment. Our volunteers then took over the underground side of the rescue with BMRT kindly managing the surface side – including the welfare of the caving party already outside the cave on quite a cold, wet, windy night.

Our team members, including a team doctor quickly descended a very wet Garland Pot to access and treat the trapped party while setting up a hauling system to bring them safely to the top of the pitch and assist them outAll casualties and cavers were back on the wet and windy surface by 1am where team medics from both BMRT and DCRO handed them into the care of EMAS Ambulance and Hart Team.

All team members were heading back to the comfort of their beds by 2am