Call Out 398: Blue John Cavern

Whilst we had a large contingent of Team members deployed on a training exercise in the nearby Peak Cavern a real shout came in before a comms network had been set-up using our specialist underground radios, making a large part of the team hard to contact! Luckily we already have a joint tasking system in place with our Mountain Rescue Colleagues and it was a joint call out with Edale Mountain Rescue Team and Buxton Mountain Rescue Team  assisting East Midlands ambulance service so we had sufficient personnel available on the surface. The Blue John show cave visitor who had broken her ankle was brought back up the 250+ steps of the cavern and taken to hospital – we wish her a speedy recovery.

Call Out 397: Higger Tor

We were called to assist our colleagues in extricating a casualty from between rocks at Higger Tor, near Sheffield earlier today. while we were still on route to the incident with our specialist rock moving equipment  Edale Mountain Rescue Team and Buxton Mountain Rescue Team colleagues managed to free the trapped limb.

396: JH – Peak Cavern

We were called shortly before 20:30 yesterday evening (28th July) due to a party of 5 on a JH to Peak Cavern through trip who had not surfaced by their arranged call out time. 8 minutes after our team members had set off the party safely surfaced and the team was stood down at 20:37 The group experienced a significant delay on their trip due to a minor equipment issue The trip from James Hall Over Engine Mine through to Peak Cavern is one of Derbyshires Finest, we hope they enjoyed it despite the difficulties they encountered

Call Out 395: Bagshawe Cavern

Just after 12:30 the team were called to assist a casualty with a dislocated shoulder beyond the old show cave section in Bagshawe Cavern, Bradwell. The group were on a professionally led trip as part of a stag do activities weekend and were well prepared with the correct kit and survival equipment, on our arrival a team managed to doctor re-locate the joint and team members then assisted the casualty to the surface. Just two hours after been called out our volunteer team members and the casualty were back welcomed back into the warm Derbyshire sun, thanks in part to the casualty’s caving speed once the joint was back in place – great work for his first caving trip! We hope he enjoys the rest of his friend’s stag do weekend…..  

394: BCRC Assistance

As part of the response by the British cave Rescue Council regarding the current incident in Thailand, involving 13 trapped persons DCRO have been very busy today. We have tested and packed 4 Heyphones – a specialist cave radio system that can transmit hundreds of meters through solid rock along with Diving equipment that has been relayed by the Police to join a BCRC team of three British cave divers who will be flying out to Thailand very soon in support of the Thai Government. We wish them the best of luck and hope for a successful outcome Photo credit: Pete Dell

393: Giants Hole, Castleton Area, Peak District

  A caving instructor came across a group at the foot of Garlands Pot who had lowered themselves down the pitch, but had no safe means of re-ascending. Advising the group to wait for assistance, the instructor left the cave and called the DCRO Duty Controller, who instigated a team callout. When DCRO members arrived, however, the group had managed to climb out of the pitch and had all exited from the cave.

389: Castleton

Friday 11 August 2017 DCRO were called to assist Buxton and Edale MRTs who were searching for a suicidal male. A small but highly motivated team of well-equipped and experienced voluntary cave rescuers checked various mine and cave entrances in the Castleton area for signs of entry. The potential casualty was subsequently found in Sheffield alive and well.