CALL OUT: 408 Search

The team were tasked to search some areas of interest in a missing persons search near Chester. Due to the close proximity of the search area to our operational border with North Wales Cave Rescue, a joint group of volunteers from both teams attended alongside Cheshire Lowland Rescue, The Police and the Fire Service.

CALL OUT: 407 Search

A small number of DCRO team members were called out to assist Derbyshire police with a search. As you can see from the photo we are always happy to help!Also on scene was a member of Peak District Mines Historical Society with expert local knowledge – thanks for the help!

Call Out 406: Higgar Tor

This afternoon the team were requested to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team with the extraction of a trapped ‘weaseller’ on Higgar Tor. The young person had got their knee well and truly stuck whilst exploring the cracks and crevices between the rocks. Whilst some team members headed to base to load the specialist engineering kit on to the team vehicle, others headed straight for Higgar Tor to assist. Mountain and cave rescue team members worked together to hammer, chisel and wriggle the casualty free.Once stretchered back to the road the casualty happily went on his way – none the worse for his experience. A great example of teamwork between Mountain and Cave rescue.

Call Out 405: West Mine, Alderley Edge

Around 09:00pm a lady injured her ankle whilst walking through West Mine at Alderley edge on an organised trip. The exit involved multiple short ladder climbs which she could not manage with the ankle injury. various emergency services attended including Fire Service and Ambulance Service. The casualty was brought safely to the surface around 1am

Call Out 403: Calf down Shaft near castleton

A local farmer noticed he was missing a few day old calf. A search around failed to locate it and the mother didn’t seem to know where it was either. Soon after the mother cow managed to locate her calf down a shaft and was considering a solo rescue attempt with no equipment…….The mother cow was gently but firmly removed from the area for her own safety and the team called out to help rescue her baby. The team of cave rescue volunteers quickly assembled on site along with specialist cave rescue equipment. The shaft was rigged and descended by a team member, who checked the calf over and readied it to be hauled up by the waiting surface team. The calf appeared well and was named Henry after one of the rescuers. He was taken back to the farm to be reunited with his worried mother. All at DCRO hope Henry quickly recovers from his ordeal and whilst we usually encourage the young to enjoy outdoor pursuits we hope Henry resists the urge for further subterranean adventures!


Late Friday afternoon the team were called out to look for a missing dog. On a walk that morning the dog had entered a mine level and not come out. Unfortunately team members found the dog deceased within the mine and returned his body to his owners. We would like to send our sincere condolences to his family.

Call Out 401: Alderly Edge

CALL OUT. The team were called out today by Cheshire Police to support a surface search by Cheshire Search and Rescue by checking all the mines at Alderley Edge, Cheshire. In all, we visited well over 30 mines, shafts, adits and other entrance. DCRO is fortunate to have several members of Derbyshire Caving Club (DCC) amongst our members. DCC maintain and secure access to the Alderley Edge mines on behalf of the landowners (mostly National Trust) and their in-depth knowledge and pre-planning was key to the smooth running of this incident response.

Callout 400 – Giants Hole

Callout 400 – 24th February 2019 Having spent the day on a training exercise near Cromford the team were called out by Derbyshire Police just as they were packing up. Concerns had been raised for three men seen entering Giants hole, Castleton. One team member set off for the cave to investigate whilst the some of the others took the team vehicle back to base and repacked it ready for a possible shout. The team member at Giants found the cavers in good physical condition – not cold or tired – but it was felt they would benefit from some assistance to climb the pitch. A full team call-out was avoided as those still at base attended with the DCRO Vehicle. A small team went into Giants, rigged a ladder and lifetime to assist the men up the pitch. All then came out under their own steam.

Call Out 399: Carlswark Cavern

CALLOUT 399: Yesterday afternoon DCRO was called out to assist a caver who had dislocated his shoulder whilst caving in Stoney Middleton. The team were assisted by medics from EMAS who administered pain relief and relocated the shoulder. DCRO volunteers were then able to haul the casualty and all those still underground back to the snowy surface. Thanks to EMAS for the assistance – and apologises we returned them much muddier than when they started! Also thanks to the Vicar of Eyam who called by and provided hot drinks and biscuits! We wish the casualty a speedy recovery!