CALL OUT: 429 Peak Cavern/Titan

The team were called out to search for a Missing Cave Diver at 6pm. Two cave divers had started out on a Titan to Peak trip, the second Diver had technical issues at the start, abandoned the dive and exited back up Titan. When the first Diver failed to show at Peak Cavern the team were called and a well rehearsed search plan was quickly executed, quickly finding the missing Diver around 8pm, having suffered his own kit issues along the way sheltering in a dry area – unsure of the dry route to exit the cave from his current location – he was able to exit under his own steam along with our volunteers. 26 team members were involved, including a team diver.

CALL OUT 427 – Knotlow

We were contacted by the police to assist with an injured caver at the bottom of Knotlow Engine Shaft.Upon contacting the informant for further information, we were told there was now movement on the rope and they believed the ‘Casualty’ was now making there way out. 4 Team members who were close by attended, should any further assistance have been required, arriving in time to see them exit. Even though no physical assistance was required, calling 999, making us aware of the situation was absolutely the right thing to do.

CALL OUT 425: Crewe Urban Search

Our volunteers responded to our first shout of 2021 on Sunday assisting Cheshire Police and Cheshire Search and Rescue with a missing persons search in Crewe. A team of 6 deployed to conduct a thorough search in a network of culverted waterways and drainage tunnels around 1KM long, completing a search of a connecting lake and river system that had be undertaken by police divers

CallOut 424: Waping Mine

We were called at 6:20am to assist extracting an injured person from a mine near Matlock Bath. The casualty had had a fall and had injured her shoulder, arm and head. Working with the East Midlands Ambulance Service Hazardous area rescue team she was made more comfortable and placed on a stretcher ready to be evacuated from the mine. Due to the constricted nature of the mine entrance DCRO did a bit of engineering work to make the extraction easier. Once safely out of the mine she was handed over to a waiting ambulance. We wish her a speedy recovery!Thanks to East Midlands Ambulance Service and the HART team – always nice to work with other teams! Also thanks to Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service – their well equipped rescue unit was on scene and ready to help should they be needed.

Call Out: 423 Giants Hole

CALL OUT: Giants HoleWe were called around 10PM, 8th December, by Buxton Mountain Rescue Team asking us to take over a shout they had started to respond to.Initial information indicated a group was in need of assistance near to Giants Hole but it soon became clear after they talked to the informant that a party of 4 were trapped below Garlands Pot, one member probably suffering from extreme hypothermia. When we arrived on scene a small team from BMRT had managed to pass some equipment down to the stranded party, including a CasBag so they could start self treatment. Our volunteers then took over the underground side of the rescue with BMRT kindly managing the surface side – including the welfare of the caving party already outside the cave on quite a cold, wet, windy night. Our team members, including a team doctor quickly descended a very wet Garland Pot to access and treat the trapped party while setting up a hauling system to bring them safely to the top of the pitch and assist them outAll casualties and cavers were back on the wet and windy surface by 1am where team medics from both BMRT and DCRO handed them into the care of EMAS Ambulance and Hart Team. All team members were heading back to the comfort of their beds by 2am

CALL OUT: 421 Chinley Area

We were tasked on Sunday with providing support to Kinder Mountain Rescue Team with an incident involving a Vulnerable Person that had been seen entering a mine entrance. A small number of team members were deployed along with equipment that may have been useful while a second remote contingent gathered information on the mine should it be needed.

CALL OUT: 420 Calf in Mine Shaft

The team were contacted by a couple of local cavers who had themselves been contacted by a farmer friend. The farmer was missing a week old calf, but had acquired a newly collapsed mine shaft in his field……..Four team members attended and set up equipment so the shaft could be safely descended, and also hauling equipment in case it was needed.The calf was located fit and well at the bottom of the shaft. She was manhandled up a rubble slope and then persuaded into a builders bag for the trip up the vertical shaft. Once freed she ran off happily to re-join her mother, none the worse for her adventure underground!Thanks to the local cavers who assisted DCRO and also the farmer and his friend for their help, and the post rescue brews and biscuits. Much appreciated by all!

CALL OUT: 419 Titan, Castleton

25th JulyShortly after midnight last night the team’s duty controller received a call from Derbyshire Constabulary with the information two experienced cavers were overdue on a trip into Titan, near Castleton. The first team member on scene found the pair safe and well at the bottom of the entrance shaft. Unfortunately as a separate party of cavers had derigged their rope earlier in the day it had unknowingly snagged the pairs rope and left it 30 metres up the 45 metre shaft! Definitely out of reach!Once our team member had freed the rope the two made their way out under their own steam and were in good spirits after their 5 hour trip accidentally turned in to a 12 hour one!DCRO are always happy to help, whatever time of night – as you can see from the photo of a happy team member!