393: Giants Hole, Castleton Area, Peak District

  A caving instructor came across a group at the foot of Garlands Pot who had lowered themselves down the pitch, but had no safe means of re-ascending. Advising the group to wait for assistance, the instructor left the cave and called the DCRO Duty Controller, who instigated a team callout. When DCRO members arrived, however, the group had managed to climb out of the pitch and had all exited from the cave.

389: Castleton

Friday 11 August 2017 DCRO were called to assist Buxton and Edale MRTs who were searching for a suicidal male. A small but highly motivated team of well-equipped and experienced voluntary cave rescuers checked various mine and cave entrances in the Castleton area for signs of entry. The potential casualty was subsequently found in Sheffield alive and well.


Wednesday 31 May 2017 DCRO were asked by the police to investigate a 50 metre deep shaft down which it was suspected a cow had fallen. A small team attended and prepared the shaft for a descent. A gas monitor was first lowered down the shaft and it recorded low oxygen levels and also concentrations of carbon monoxide. Consequently it was deemed that a descent would be too hazardous. Blood on the rope that had been used to lower the monitor strongly indicated that the cow had indeed fallen down the shaft and due to its depth it was concluded that the fall must have been fatal.


Saturday 29 April 2017 A novice caver on a trip in the Main Streamway downstream of Surprise View dislocated his shoulder negotiating a constriction beneath a boulder. A team of about thirty were involved in attending and treating the injured man and then assisting him out to the surface in an operation which took five hours.


Saturday/Sunday 15/16 April 2017 Three cavers, two men and a woman from Matlock and Huddersfield, had gone underground about 10:30am and the police were contacted when they had not resurfaced by late afternoon. Two of the overdue party, a 70 year old man and a 26 year old woman were found quite quickly and were escorted safely from the cave unharmed. They had lost contact with the third member of the party, a very experienced local caver in his sixties, at about 11:30am when he had left them to explore another part of the system. Jugholes is a very complex maze of passages on more than one level and it was not until 3:00am on Sunday morning that he was found safe but hungry and conducted out to the surface. A search of the area around the cave entrance had also been carried out by team members during the night aided by a mountain rescue search dog in case the missing man had surfaced and become lost on the hillside in the dark.