CALL OUT 411 – Titan, Castleton

Companions of 2 cavers on a ‘Down and Up’ Titan trip became concerned when they didn’t meet their agreed call out time.

Team members were called out at 19:55 Saturday 14th December , the first members underground found two cavers sheltering at the foot of the Titan shaft, where one caver, suffering from cold, tiredness and feeling ill could not negotiate the large pitch due to excessive water. His companion chose to wait with him and once DCRO members arrived was able to prussic out under his own steam, accompanied by a team member.

The casualty was placed in a portable shelter and treated by our team doctor whilst simultaneously a haul system was been set up to transfer the stranded caver to the surface consisting of a UK record breaking single haul the full height of the Titan Shaft to the breakthrough window – 128 meters followed by the 46 meters entrance shaft.

The casualty reached the surface at 1:30 am Sunday morning. All our team members then exited the cave packed up our equipment packed and began heading home by 3:00 am

We would like to add a note of thanks to the cavers companions for sticking around on a stormy night providing any logistical support we may have needed until sufficient team members arrived ( later returning with Biscuits! ) and Tony Seddon who offered us access to any equipment we may have needed from the Starless River mobile caving shop

Surface Team – Hauling the Casualty up the Entrance Shaft
View looking down the 47 meter shaft as the casualty is hauled to the surface
Some of the
equipment used
More used equipment waiting to be cleaned and checked ready for the next rescue