Call Out 403: Calf down Shaft near castleton

A local farmer noticed he was missing a few day old calf. A search around failed to locate it and the mother didn’t seem to know where it was either. Soon after the mother cow managed to locate her calf down a shaft and was considering a solo rescue attempt with no equipment…….
The mother cow was gently but firmly removed from the area for her own safety and the team called out to help rescue her baby. 
The team of cave rescue volunteers quickly assembled on site along with specialist cave rescue equipment. The shaft was rigged and descended by a team member, who checked the calf over and readied it to be hauled up by the waiting surface team. 
The calf appeared well and was named Henry after one of the rescuers. He was taken back to the farm to be reunited with his worried mother. All at DCRO hope Henry quickly recovers from his ordeal and whilst we usually encourage the young to enjoy outdoor pursuits we hope Henry resists the urge for further subterranean adventures!

Henry relaxing during his rescue