Saturday/Sunday 15/16 April 2017
Three cavers, two men and a woman from Matlock and Huddersfield, had gone underground about 10:30am and the police were contacted when they had not resurfaced by late afternoon. Two of the overdue party, a 70 year old man and a 26 year old woman were found quite quickly and were escorted safely from the cave unharmed. They had lost contact with the third member of the party, a very experienced local caver in his sixties, at about 11:30am when he had left them to explore another part of the system. Jugholes is a very complex maze of passages on more than one level and it was not until 3:00am on Sunday morning that he was found safe but hungry and conducted out to the surface. A search of the area around the cave entrance had also been carried out by team members during the night aided by a mountain rescue search dog in case the missing man had surfaced and become lost on the hillside in the dark.

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